By virtue of our baptism we are called to be evangelists. This should be on our minds every day.

Right now we are in the airport in Detroit ready to depart for Saint Augustine Florida where we will pick up our pilgrimage group and discover where Catholicism began in the New World (It did not begin with the pilgrims in Jamestown which was at least 50 years later).

We were sitting next to an elderly couple and they asked us where we were going and we asked where they were going. We told them that we lead Catholic Pilgrimages and we found out that one was a former legislator and the wife an appellate court justice. A very high-level couple. He joked that he was in the legislature and his wife was always vetoing him not only in the courts but at home 🙂

So, we told them that we were Catholics and that we love teaching the Bible and taking people to biblical and Catholic sites. They were interested and we had a marvelous conversation.

Now, we could’ve not said a thing and just told them we were going to Florida. That would’ve been OK, but what kind of evangelism is that?

Janet and I have been working over a lifetime to find a way to turn every conversation into an evangelistic approach. Not to be offensive, pushy or denigrating. But we share the joy of the Lord and what we do and because of that we’ve been able to plant a lot of seeds and give Christianity a positive note in a very anti-Christian world.

Think about it. You can do it too. there are a million ways to bring Our Lord into the conversation and if you ask God to bring you one or two people a day, it will make your life very exciting waiting for the people that God is going to bring to you and make sure you don’t drop the ball 🙂

Even when we came into the airport we said “God bless you” to three people who served us and all of them smiled and said, “Thank you and God bless you too!” A man walked by with a T-shirt that said “God is awesome”. We stopped him and said, “He sure is awesome and God bless you for being a Christian.” You should’ve seen the smile on his and his wife’s face!

You can do it too!