Invite Steve to Speak / Press Kit

Steve Ray would love to come to your parish or conference to share the truth and beauty of the Catholic Faith. From his conversion story to his adventures overseas, from his talks on St. Paul to raising a Catholic family, from teaching the Bible to explaining the Eucharist – he is excited and ready to speak to your group!

 Steve has given seminars and talks all over the world – Rome, Jerusalem, India, Dubai, England, Philippines, Japan, Australia, Israel, Canada, Guam,  and many more).

He has worked extensively with with EWTN, St. Joseph Communications, Lighthouse Catholic MediaCatholic Answers, Franciscan University of Steubenville, Legatus, Fullness of Truth, Catholic Scripture Study International, Defensores Fidei Foundation, Ignatius Press, Regina Apostolorum University in Rome, Dr. Scott Hahn’s St. Paul Center, Catholics Come Home, Lighthouse Ministries, Family of Faith in Bombay and the Arab Emirates, and many others.

He has appeared on Fox News, Canadian TV and is a regular guest on EWTN, Relevant Radio, Ave Maria Radio, Catholic Answers Live, Guadalupe Radio, and many other TV and radio programs.

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 “I want to invite Steve Ray to speak at our event. What do I do?”

Step One: Please check Steve’s 2018 – 2019 
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Schedule. See if your desired dates are available.
Step Two: Complete the
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Speaking Request Form.
Step Three: Steve or his son Jesse will respond by e-mail (or phone) to discuss pricing and other details. We may request further information and will answer any questions you has as well. Please allow a few days for a response — we don’t have a staff, we do this all ourselves.
Step Four: If Steve is available for your event, and you agree to the price and estimated expenses we will send a simple contract and request a 20% deposit to hold the date. The contract includes:

  • Name, address, phone number, e-mail for contact person;
  • Statement of agreement and acceptance of the fees and conditions;
  • Specific dates and times you are inviting Steve to speak;
  • Short description of event and the talks you request Steve to give;
  • Agree that Steve can display and sell his products;
  • Agree that Steve will record his talks and offer MP3 audio  downloads for sale (unless a recording contract exists);
  • Agree to provide three tables and at least two competent volunteers to manage his book tables;
  • Shipping address to which Steve can send products;
Step Five: When Steve receives the signed contract and deposit, we will contact you as we will begin making arrangements. We generally book our own hotels and airlines. If you have any questions regarding this invitation process, please don’t hesitate to contact Steve Ray at or his son Jesse at or by phone 734-926-9070 or fax 734-480-1238.


What People Have said About Steve’s Talks

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“Words like dynamic, compelling, inspiring and insightful all come to mind when I think of describing Steve’s presentations. I say presentations, because they are more than just “talks”; he puts his whole heart into them. They not only provide intellectual information, they call you to a deeper and more profound understanding of Christ and His Church.”

Tom Monaghan
Founder of Domino’s Pizza
Chairman of Ave Maria University

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Having worked with Steve Ray all around the U.S., the Philippines, India, and more, I have found his presentations to be exemplary. Steve combines an extensive knowledge of the various subject matter about which he speaks with an enthusiastic presentation that is infectious. I have watched him over and over again bring his audiences to their feet with excitement and applause while simultaneously challenging them to their knees to pray, and to study and dive deeper into their Catholic Faith. Nobody does this better than Steve Ray.  

Tim Staples
Director of Apologetics and Evangelization
Catholic Answers

Dear Steve,

It was a pleasure to meet you and to hear you speak at our “Be A Man Conference” for the Diocese of Scranton.  Your fast-paced and fascinating presentation kept the men on the edge of their seats.  I am amazed that you could fly back 13 hours from Israel and be fresh the next morning.  In particular your apologetics were very good.  I think that the way Holy Mother Church has been beaten down in popular culture it is good for Catholic Men to hear that Catholics have always had the right stuff.

You are living proof that God is a great recruiter.  We needed men with an evangelical knowledge of the Bible and a passion for it and He went out and signed you up!  I will prize the signed copy of your testimonial story and look forward to a future pilgrimage with you.

Michael C. Kilmer, Conference Co-Chairman

Steve Ray is one of the greatest Catholic speakers and apologists in the country. Not only does Steve command a great knowledge of the Catholic faith, Scripture, and history, but he is passionate and enthusiastic, inspiring people to love and live out their Catholic faith. He also makes learning the Catholic faith interesting and exciting. One could say that he brings it to life. Steve Ray is a must have speaker.
~Brian Mercer, Int’l Speaker & Retreat Leader
I’ve read “Crossing the Tiber” and heard your conversion talk many times and I thought that these were all “home runs”.  Well, I picked up a copy of your latest cd on your conversion talk at the men’s “Rekindle the Fire” men’s conference in South Bend last month and I just want to tell you that you knocked this one “OUT OF THE PARK!”  Fantastic!  I will be getting several copies of this to pass out to family and friends!  Thank you so much for your witness to Christ, Steve.  You keep honing your witness talk and it is definitely bearing fruit.  You haven’t lost any of your enthusiasm and your message is just resonating with me!  Thank you, Steve, and keep up the good work!  I’m pretty sure that you will be invited back… ~Ron B

Thanks for coming, you make a difference. The men were spirit filled. I wish time had permitted you to be there for the closing Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. What a powerful experience. My brother Deacon Jose Manuel, had the men come to the altar ,kneeling on the steps. He brought the Monstrance to each man personally. The degree of reverence was profound. From what you did, the Holy Spirit was able to enter their lives like never before. The experience will leave them hungry for more. Their parishes will sustain them until once again they will have an opportunity to summit the mount of transfiguration and be renewed once more. You have a gift my friend. You can touch the hearts of men where they are and invite them to become transformed into disciples and leaders for Christ.

Of course, I’ll write you a letter of recommendation! I will also share our experience with our brothers in the Diocese of the Palm Beaches and with the Diocese of Orlando, who have men’s conferences as well. May God continue to bless you and your family. May He continue to bless your ministry abundantly.  — Deacon Vincent Eberling, Miami Florida Men’s Conference

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Dear Steve,

I just want to thank you for coming to Traverse City to speak to the Martinus of Northern Michigan group once again this year.

Your talk, “Swimming Upstream”, provides motivation for each of us to be “bold and show our Christianity.” Your presentation reflecting on the frequent martyrdom prevalent in early Christianity, and its importance as serving as the seed of the early Church, reminds us that we too are called to be authentic Catholic witnesses living counter cultural to the morals of the post-Christian pagan society we live in today.

You are an inspiring speaker. Thank you for saying “Yes” to God’s call by devoting your life to help others discover the fullness of Christianity found only in the Catholic Church and to help Catholics become better leaders in their families, careers and in society.

God Bless,
Wayne Sterenberg

Very Reverend John C. Giel,

May the grace and peace of the Lord Jesus be with you. I am writing to you to confirm the Mr. Steve Ray is an outstanding Catholic and an active member of Christ The King Catholic Church. I highly endorse his presence in your Diocese and believe that this ministry will greatly bless your people. He has been actively involved in our parish since his reception into the Roman Catholic Church in 1994. His ministry has since expended to a world-reaching outreach as he continues to use his skills to proclaim the Gospel.

I trust the parishioners at the Most Precious Blood Catholic Church will benefit from his presentations at the Lenten Mission on February 28-29, 2020. If I can be of any further assistance in this area, please feel free to contact me.

I commend you and your ministry to the care of the Mother of God, the protection of St. Michael, and the intercession of St. Joseph.

Your brother in the service of Christ the King,

Fr. Ed Fride, Pastor

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Dear Steve,

Thank you for coming to North Platte, Nebraska for our Parish Mission in April 2017. I appreciate all that you do much more than this very late thank you might indicate.

I have been blessed to be with you on Pilgrimages. It was very good to welcome you to our Parish as you presented three talks during our Forty Hours Eucharistic Adoration. Your talks: From Baptist to Catholic; Defending the Eucharist; and Swimming Upstream were excellent, and were well received.

We were blessed to have people come from as much as 100 miles away to hear you speak. A number of persons commented to me that they had heard you speak on CD’s or bVD’s, however the experience of hearing you speak in person is a much better thing.

You shared your faith journey with us and encouraged us to be actively involved in the New Evangelization right where we are, using many very practical examples. In fact one of our 6th Grade boys who came with his family to your talks, was so moved that he wrote you a personal handwritten letter of thanks. Among other things, he wrote: ” … you inspired me to be a better Catholic. Now, I want to spread Catholicism around the world. Thank you!”

Thank you for all that you do to help others better know and discover the fullness and beauty of our Holy Catholic Faith. Thanks for coming all the way out to “rural Nebraska” to talk to all of us. God’s blessing on you, your family, and your work!

Sincerely yours in Christ,
Father Mark E. Seiker

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Dear Mr. Ray,

As you know, St. lrenaeus Parish in Rochester Hills has celebrated its 50th anniversary this past year. We had many special events in this celebration one of which was your presentation on the Early Church Fathers especially St. lrenaeus. The event was well attended and your enthusiasm and insights were appreciated by all.

We had a discussion at our first Parish Council meeting following the event, and all agreed to extend a special thank you on behalf the Parish Council of St. lrenaeus, and Father Brian Chabala, for your time away from your family, the effort you put into customizing your talk for us, and the special consideration you gave our parish.

Your work and talents are appreciated by all of us on the Council and in the parish. God bless you in your ministry.

Father Brian Chabala, Pastor
Rayanne Gardner, Council Chair

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On behalf of Faith & Ale and Faith & Wine Lee Counly,Florida we wish to sincerely thank you for your contributions to our recent meeting. Your message was very well received by our audience as it provided much insight mixed in with a good measure of entertainment!

We had a record audience signed up to hear you speak, and the turn-out was tremendous. With the message and encouragement you delivered, our Catholic men and women wi ll go back into their jobs, their homes, and their fan1i lies with renewed confidence to deliver the message of Christ to those around them.

You reminded us that, as Catholics, we are “swimming upstream” against a postChristian

culture. Just as the early Church was forced to take stands that required heroic courage, so must we today be willing to do the same if we want to reclaim the lost culture around us. Your energy and enthusiasm for the Faith was infectious, and your personal stories of swords and Roman helmets made us laugh as well !

We look forward to seeing you again. May God continue to bless you in all of your travels and evangelization!

I would like to offer my endorsement for Steve Ray as a great Catholic speaker and evangelist. His knowledge and enthusiasm made a great impact on those who heard him speak recently at St. Mary Cathedral…His story of journeying to the Catholic Church from a very strong evangelical background was also very inspiring….Steve Brings a great base of knowledge of the Holy Land and other biblical sites due to his extensive travel and research, having led countless pilgrimages for people of faith.
Yours in Christ,
Fr. Don Geyman
Rector, St. Mary Cathedral
Gaylord Speaking - Thank you
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Dear Steve,Thank you so very much for a wonderful presentation at the Orlando chapter meeting. You are so very enlightened with the Spirit it overflows to all who are listening to you speaking. Cradle Catholics seem to lack the fire of you converts, but you sure did light a fire under all of us. Austin and I are looking forward to spending time with you on the October trip.
Sincerely, Carole Caruso
Legatus Orlando Chapter Secretary
Legatus Speaking - Thank you
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We are blessed to have you for these two weeks to minister at the International Leaders Conference where 300 Priests, religious and lay leaders of the Church took part.

Your simple but deep sharing of the Catholic themes in a very lucid style has inspired the youth as well as the leaders.
Fr. Augustine Valloran V.C.

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Steve Ray presented a three-night parish mission here at Sts. Anne adn Joachim in Fargo North Dakota. Steve did a great job for us. He was engaging and gave a meaningful message. So many people came back all three evenings to hear what he had to teach us…
I would have no hesitation about recommending any parish to bring Steve Ray in. He will not disappoint. In a day and age when we need good simple catholic teaching that draws on our rich history and heritage, Steve Ray delivers.
Sincerely, Fr. Paul Duchschere
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Call to Holiness Letter
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Dear Steve,You were in a fervid spirit and gave a most convincing talk for our Call to Holiness Benefit Dinner. You were just the very thing needed to stir up a deeper appreciation of the precious truths of our faith and of the greatness of the Catholic Church. Too many of us do not realize the gift we have been given. You presentation helped us to wonder again about God’s beneficence. Many commented on the effectiveness of your words. I hope that the good God will continue to give you that holy zeal for His cause while keeping you humble in His service.Fr. Eduard Perrone
Founder, Call to Holiness

Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 5.59.57 AM
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We were delighted to welcome you in the Archdiocese of Newark last Wednesday evening. Thank you for accepting our invitation. Thanks even more for your outstanding presentation which challenged us all to be more forthright in articulating the faith. That is very much in the vein of the New Evangelization for with the Popes are calling us.

Assuring you and your family of my continued prayers and best wishes, I am sincerely in the Lord,

Most Reverend John Myers, Archbishop of Newark 



“One of the best interview’s I have ever listened to. Steve is an excellent communicator. Good job!!”

Tom M.

Samples and Excerpts from Steve’s Talks

Explanation of St. John 21 at the Sea of Galilee

Summary of Salvation: The Bad Boy and the Priest

On “The Journey Home” TV program on EWTN

Born Again? Faith Alone? What Must I Do to be Saved?” at Franciscan University of Steubenville

Links below are currently dead. Working on restoring them soon.

Type Media Title Length File Size
mp3 The Sacrifice of the Mass 3:30 min 660Kb
mp3 The Bible is a Catholic Book 4:15 min 747Kb
mp3 A Brief Overview Of Salvation History 2:30 min 442Kb
mp3 Born Again The Bible Way 9:25 min 1.61Mb
mp3 A Biblical Defense Of Priestly Celibacy 2:22 min 417Kb
mp3 Peter: The Rock, Keys and Chair 18:15 min 3.13Mb
mp3 Mary, Ark of the (New) Covenant 6:11 min 1.06Mb
Steve’s Helpful Analogies
mp3 The Ship and the Rafts 6:43 min 1.1Mb
mp3 The Oak Tree 1:49 min 322Kb
mp3 The Fish Tank 2:38 min 465Kb


Watch the video below to see how a successful fund-raising event, parish or group event can be with Steve Ray as the guest. This was an event to sponsor and support Relevant Radio 970 AM in Austin Texas.