At the airport again, flying to visit our daughter in South Carolina. Having fun being kind and friendly to everyone and saying “Glad Bless You!” Again, it starts a lot of good conversations.

The shuttle driver from the parking lot to the airport was very friendly and we struck up a conversation with him. At the end, I said God bless you and he said he could sure use it. I said, “Then we will pray specifically for you today for God‘s blessing.” He was so grateful and thanked us and we left a good view of Catholics in his heart.

Looking forward to new adventures at the airport and beyond to bring joy to peoples’ lives and the message of goodwill and love from God. Try it and bring fun and joy into your life too.


Then, we were on the plane. A young guy with a big curly ponytail and arms of a weightlifter sat across and in from of us. I notice he had a book entitled “Forgiveness” and a “Holy Bible.” I could not let that go by unnoticed and unappreciated. I said, “That’s a great book.” To which he replied, “Which one?” The Bible, of course.” He said, “I have had it since a boy, for 15 years. My mom loves the Bible and I am trying to get to know it now myself.”

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We chitchatted for a bit. The lady in front of us turned around with a nice cross around her neck. She said, “Good for you guys. When I saw that Bible I said to my husband, ‘If we have trouble on this flight, we know who to turn to for prayer’.” Well, that was fun and a lot of others around us heard as well.

We went to Costco when we arrived in Greenville South Carolina. The cashier was a strapping young man. I looked for something to start a conversation and it didn’t take long. See the picture of his arm. Figure it out yet?

It is a tattoo of a huge and detailed Rosary. Well, that started a conversation and ended up including a bunch of other folks as well. “God bless you” was shared by all and we took off to my daughters.

A day that could have been mundane, uneventful, unspiritual and boring, turned into an exciting and eventful day and hopefully brought people closer to God. Try it! You’ll love it.