After having the plug pulled on his conference by Big Tech and the enemies of freedom and free speech, Patrick Coffin is back on track.

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Patrick wrote: “The aggressive censorship of life-saving information is a sign that certain powerful interests don’t want you to learn the facts behind the mainstream headlines.

“Truth Over Fear is a wake-up call for everyone who cares about their
health, their freedom, and the cause of truth for themselves, their
children, and grandchildren.

“Summit opens this Friday, May 7th.

“The platform we used for hosting Truth Over Fear: Covid-19 and the Great Reset three-day summit, kicked our event off the internet and locked out all 50,000+ attendees.

“We will host the summit this Friday. Registration will be available on Thursday and throughout Sunday at midnight.”


Learn what the government, big tech and Big Pharm don’t want you to know.