Most of these books are all available in the SE Michigan area through Our Lady of Grace Bookstore in Domino’s Farms (Lobby B). The proprietor, Connie Zander, can be reached at (734) 930-3747 or at [email protected]. Just because I recommend a book by a Protestant author, does not imply I agree with everything in the book, only that I have found it helpful for background material, over-all outlines, insights, etc.

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Recommendations for Materials for Bible Study on the Gospel of St. John

My book St. John’s Gospel: A Bible Study Guide and Commentary has a 13-page bibliography for the study of John’s Gospel.

For General Biblical Studies and Commentaries see my Web Page entitled Books, General Bible Study

The Divine Presence of Jesus: Meditation and Commentary on the Gospel of John
By Alfred McBride

The Navarre Bible: St. John (Commentary from the Fathers and Church Documents)
By the Faculty of Theology at the Catholic University of Navarre

Early Christian Worship (excellent, sacramental nature of John’s Gospel)
By Oscar Cullman

Catena Aurea (Verse by verse quotations from the Fathers compiled by Thomas Aquinas)
By St. Thomas Aquinas (Preserving Christian Publications, Albany, NY NY)

The Gospel of John
By F. F. Bruce (Eerdmans, Grand Rapids, MI)

The Gospel According to John I-XII and The Gospel According to John XIII-XXI
By Raymond Brown (Anchor Bible, Doubleday, Garden City, NY)

The Gospel of John: A Reading
By Stanley B. Marrow, S.J. (Paulist Press)

Word Biblical Commentary: John
By George Beasley-Murray (Word Books, Waco, TX)

The Gospel of John in Two Volumes
By William Barclay (Westminster Press, Philadelphia, Penn)

The Genius of John: A Composition-Critical Commentary on the Fourth Gospel
By Peter Ellis (Liturgical Press, Collegeville, MN)

Life of Christ
By Fulton Sheen (Image Books, Doubleday)

The Life of Christ (Excellent)
By Giuseppe Ricciotti

The Passion of Jesus in the Gospel of John
By Donald Senior, C.P. (Order of St. Benedict, Collegeville, MN)

Moses in the Fourth Gospel
By T. F. Glasson (Alec R. Allenson, Inc.)

The Gospel According to John (Tyndale New Testament Commentaries)
By R. V. G. Tasker (Wm. B. Eerdmans, Grand Rapids, MI)

A New Testament Commentary for English Readers: The Gospels
By Ronald Knox (Burnes & Oates)

The Gospel According to John
By D. A. Carson (Eerdmans)

The Interpretation of the Fourth Gospel
By C. H. Dodd (Cambridge University Press)

Homilies on the Gospel of St. John by St. Augustine, St. Chrysostom, and other early Fathers are a must and can be found in sets of books on the Fathers in libraries and on the Internet.