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For starters, sedevacantists are those who believe the chair of Peter is empty, from the Latin sede-chair and vacante-empty. It is the belief we have no legitimate pope since around the 1960’s with various dates proposed.

Someone wrote to me today and asked,

Hi Steve. I have seen you around the internet and have learned a great deal about Catholicism from you. I was wondering if you’ve heard of Sedevacantism and what your thoughts are on the subject. I’m guessing you will be pretty knowledgeable about this and would like your expertise. Is it possible and why or why not. I understand you are a busy man but I would really like your insights on this. Thank you.

I responded,

God bless you and thanks for your kind words. With the Church in the sad, abysmal state that she is currently in, I understand the angst many people feel and I join you in that. With a Pope who has caused great confusion instead of clarity, weak-kneed bishops, closed churches, sex scandals, uncatechized faithful and more — I too am frustrated. However…

When I joined the Catholic Church 26 years ago I quickly identified the extreme Left (the liberals who want women priests, LGBT acceptance, liturgical dance, etc.) and I stayed as far away from them as possible.

Secondly, I identified the extreme-Right (those rejecting Vatican II, saying we have no pope, rejecting the Novus Order, etc.) and I stayed away from them with equal fervor.

I do this no matter what organization or society I join. Some converts joined the Catholic Church and got enticed into one or the other of these heady and seductive schismatic-minded groups. It is like jumping on a horse and falling off the other side.

Jesus is building his Church. It is not about our current Pope, or bishops who are more politicians than pastors, or the multiple problems in today’s Church. It is about Jesus. It is his Church and he is the one I trust.

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There have always been good popes and bad popes, strong and spineless bishops, problems and sin. There has never been a Golden Age in the Church. Every generation thinks, “Oh my, the Church is falling apart, the Pope and bishops are bad, evil prevails, schism looms, etc.” You would think that it was a Golden Age under the great Apostle St. Paul. Just read 1 and 2 Corinthians to have that myth shot to hell.

I eschew the sedevacantists like I reject the schism of Luther and others who divide the Church, cause confusion and assert themselves as “their own popes and councils.”

Jesus said to the Twelve, “Will you also go away?” Simon Peter answered him, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.” (John 6:67–68)

Stay with Jesus, stay with his Church, stay with all the great converts who have joined the Church in the last 30 years and who have no thought to follow such radicals. The chair is not empty. It is filled by a man with all the imperfections of men, but Jesus still reigns and I for one will stay with him and the Church and pray, work, teach and remain faithful.

Remember, Mother Teresa, who also loved and stayed true to the one, holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church said, “He does not require us to be successful, only to be faithful.”

God bless you! Below is a video with Jimmy Akin about the problems with sedevacantists.