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Most guides today in Rome will give you an instant and ready reply, “No, Christians were not killed in the Roman Colosseum! ” Of course I heard the exact opposite when I first went to Rome multiple times in the 1980’s.

St. Ignatius of Antioch was martyred in the colosseum, three hundred yards from his bones today in the Church of San Clemente.

Liz Lev is not only a dear friend but also an expert on anything Rome, especially Christian history and art. Tune in tonight to hear her lecture “Were there Marytyrs in the Colosseum? Context and Confusion regarding Early Christian Persecution.” You won’t be disappointed.


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I have heard the brief version of this lecture many times inside the colosseum with our groups with Liz as our guide. In the middle of the tour through the colosseum I always yell out the question, “We Christians really killed here? Tell us the real story Liz.”

Now you can enjoy the full answer for yourself. And since tour guides are out of work right now, feel free to drop off a donation to a very good cause: Donations.

Come and Discover whether this monument surrounded by many mysteries and legends was ever witness to the execution of Christians.

Sign up HERE for tomorrow, February 8th, at 12pm ET (6pm Italy) and follow Liz Lev through the historical records of the world’s most famous amphitheater.