The violence is escalating in Israel though it will be long forgotten by the time we go for our first time since the virus closures last year. Our trips will be in September, November and over the Christmas break. It will be good to be back.

But in the meantime, the usual cycle has begun again for many reasons and in a short time will be dropped by the media, as this cycle winds down. I will be discussing it on Teresa Tomeo’s show on Monday at 9:40 AM Eastern.

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It was a perfect storm during Ramadan when Muslims flock to Jerusalem to pray on Temple Mount. It was also Jerusalem flag day last week when Israelis celebrate the restoration of Jerusalem as the capital of their country during the Six-Day War in 1967. This is celebrated by marching around Jerusalem waving Israeli flags. We have many times been there during the celebration which was right outside our Notre Dame hotel.

The spark that set off the flame was the sale of land in a Muslim neighborhood of northern Jerusalem when a Muslim sold his land to a Jew. When the Jew attempted to take his legally purchased property, the Muslim neighbors reacted and the police were called in. Of course, the news made it sound like Israelis were kicking Muslim Palestinians off their land to occupy it when in reality the Muslims legally sold the land to a Jew and the others protested.

It was a perfect storm and the results continue today. Hopefully, the past will play itself out again as usual and things will go back to normal. This video explains accurately what is happening.

Watch this video all the way to the surprising end.